Hostel Facility

Modern Public Senior Secondary School in Gangapur, Rajasthan, offers an excellent hostel facility for students who come from outside the city or state. Our hostel facility provides students with a safe, secure, and comfortable environment that helps them focus on their studies and achieve their academic goals.

The hostel facility is equipped with modern amenities and features such as comfortable beds, study desks, cupboards, and 24-hour security. The hostel is fully supervised, and students are provided with a full-time guard who ensures their safety and security at all times. We understand that parents place a great deal of trust in us to take care of their children, and we take this responsibility seriously.

Our hostel mess provides students with nutritious and healthy meals that are prepared with utmost care and attention. We serve a variety of dishes that cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of our students. Our trained chefs use fresh ingredients and maintain strict hygiene standards to ensure that the food served to students is of the highest quality.

The hostel has a well-equipped playground that provides students with opportunities to engage in physical activities and sports. We believe that physical fitness is just as important as academic achievement, and we encourage our students to participate in a range of sports and games to maintain their physical health and well-being.

We also have a team of qualified doctors and medical staff on campus who are available round the clock to provide medical assistance and care to students. In case of any medical emergencies, we take immediate action and provide necessary medical attention to the student.

In conclusion, the hostel facility at Modern Public Senior Secondary School in Gangapur, Rajasthan, is an excellent choice for students looking for a safe, secure, and comfortable environment to pursue their academic goals. Our hostel facility provides students with high-quality accommodation, nutritious meals, a well-equipped playground, and medical care. We are committed to ensuring that our students have a positive and enriching hostel experience that helps them grow and thrive.